Yes You Can: the Podcast

Nearly a year ago, I wrote about my own darkness on this blog: shadowy words pouring out of me while the words Yes You Can travelled out of my mouth.

Yes You Can has been my meditation, my mantra, my guiding truth.

Hokey? Maybe.

True? Yes.

I’ve been healing, and I’ve been talking, and I’ve been sharing. I’m excited to now bring all of you into the Yes You Can podcast: an extension of that focuses on mental health and positivity with humour, truth, and vulnerability.


Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


    Spoiler: grief is normal and we’re all doing it. Also, what to do right now if you’ve lost your job.

    A Girl Has Got to Eat

    A 12 year journey out of an eating disorder learning how to eat intuitively, regaining my relationship with food and my body.

    ‘A’ is for Anxiety: identifying triggers, overcoming attacks, and stopping the cycle

    Defining anxiety and learning how to overcome it in the moment, deal with situational triggers, and create a treatment plan to break the cycle.

    Conversations About Closure

    How to heal after relationships end, create closure, and become a better, more honest human as a result.

    The F Words: Fear and Forgiveness

    How do you forgive someone who hasn’t apologized? How does fear appear and guide your decisions? Listen in as we tackle fear and forgiveness through the lens of mental health.

    Getting Through Grief: How to Live After Love and Loss

    Surviving grief, suicide, breakups, and loss: how to laugh and grow through grief.


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