My own story

A few days before Bell’s annual campaign to talk about mental health, I find myself blinking back tears after plopping down at my desk, Tim Hortons lunch in front of me that I knew I wouldn’t eat and sorels dripping melted snow onto my carpet. I felt it coming all morning, from the moment I […]

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Dear Mom

Dear Mom. Today I walked into my house with the snow swirling at my back and five broken bags of groceries and three dogs barking and not enough weight on my body and I screamed. I screamed as loud as I could and I still feel it in my throat now when I swallow. I screamed […]

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Pressing Continue

Disclaimer: this post may be a trigger to some. If you are having thoughts of ending your life, please call the 24 hr crisis line at 1-877-435-7170 or visit  The day after my Mother passed away with my brother and I by her side, we met my father for lunch. I didn’t want to go […]

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   It’s not always a big event or holiday that brings on the ache of missing her; it’s the small moments. The laugh aloud idiosyncrasies of everyday life that still make me grab my phone to text her and tell her. Wanting to send her a photo of @pinkyinablanket and I cuddling, or her in […]

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March 10.

I took this photo right before my mom got her “be brave” tattoo just over a year ago. Seems like forever, and yesterday. I love how brave she was- unflinching at the pain that paled in comparison to what she was going through. I also love that I shared the experience with her and caught […]

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Talking About Suicide.

And I want it, I want my life so bad I’m doing everything I can Then another one bites the dust It’s hard to lose a chosen one You did not break me I’m still fighting for peace Well, I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart, But your blade—it might be too sharp I […]

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After & the Anger.

“Let yourself be gutted. Let it open you. Start here.” – Cheryl Strayed  My mother used to say that suicide was the most selfish thing a person could ever do. I write “used to say” intentionally- she said it more than once. Yes, I realize that sounds strange… Why would someone talk about death that […]

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